The Gardens are on 4 levels, with a waterfall in between. All the Alpines, Wildflowers, Dwarf Conifers, Rhododendrons, Primroses and other gems are completely hardy, without winter covering. Bloom times vary like a seasonal calendar. Multiple visits reveal new surprises every time. Early May brings wildflowers and early rhododendrons. In mid-May rock garden plants are a carpet of color. A special treat at the end of May and early June, 2020 will be super-hardy Rhododendrons, many bred at GRC, blossoming for the first time in exotic colors and forms. Spring ends in mid-June with an explosion of Showy Ladyslippers adrift in a sea of blue Forget-Me-Nots in the swamp garden. Summer brings quiet beauty and Rhododendrons forming flower buds for next spring.  Fall has textural interest with foliage forms and colors that provide year-round attraction and inspiration for visitors’ gardens.

The Nursery, offering potted selections of these choice plants, is regularly open every Saturday in season, from May 2 to October 3, 2020, 9 to 4. Bring photos of your garden for complimentary landscape and plant advice. For over 50 years we have been building nature-based landscapes and look forward to helping you with yours. 

Sorry, shipping is not available from the nursery, but please come and visit us by appointment when you are in our area.

Flower Garden Nursery
Orange Pink Flower Plant Heuchera 'Paris'

Heuchera 'Paris'

Green Plant Flower Miniature Hosta

Miniature Hosta

Pink White Flower Plant Showy Ladyslippers

Showy Ladyslippers

Blue Purple Plant Flower Campanula 'Blue Gown'

Campanula 'Blue Gown'

White Green Plant Flower Saxifrage crustata

Saxifrage crustata

Purple Plant Flower Lavender 'Cynthia Johnson'

Lavender 'Cynthia Johnson'

Pink Flower Plant Phlox 'Brittoni Rosea'

Phlox 'Brittoni Rosea'

Purple White Plant Flower Primula Auricula

Primula Auricula

Red Pink Plant Flower Primula 'Wanda'

Primula 'Wanda'

White Yellow Plant Flower Primula 'Sunshine'

Primula 'Sunshine'

Orange Yellow Plant Flower Candelabra Primrose

Candelabra Primrose

Green Purple Plant Flower Cyclamen purpurescens

Cyclamen purpurescens


Pink Plant Flower Rhododendron 'Olga Mezitt'

Rhododendron 'Olga Mezitt'

Pink Plant Flower  Rhododendron 'Haaga'

 Rhododendron 'Haaga'

Pink Plant Flower  Rhododendron 'Besse Howells'

 Rhododendron 'Besse Howells'

Blue Purple Plant Flower 'Karen's' Hardy Evergreen Azalea

'Karen's' Hardy Evergreen Azalea


At the nursery in limited quantities, pictured at the nursery.


Rock Garden in a box. Hardy mountain plants stay outside all year. Perfect for Patios.



Wide selection of unusual dwarf conifers for rock gardens, troughs and bonsai.



Garden Club Tours can be arranged for weekdays; daytime or evenings. Typically, on arrival, your group will participate in a guided tour of rock gardens, dwarf conifers and the rare plant nursery. Questions are encouraged. Growing hints, propagation and landscaping principles are explained. Lunch/supper can be enjoyed in the garden either brought or ordered from our fine local pizzeria. (We can provide tables and chairs.) After dining, a tour of the rhododendron research gardens has proven fascinating to many. Rare plants, growing in the ground are much more impressive and inspiring than any illustrated talk, so rarely do I give presentations other than at the nursery. 

Magic Hoe Garden Tool Weed Remover




• Using the point of the hoe, slice under big weeds, tug with other hand and put in a bucket.

• Using the blade, scuffle 1/2" below soil to loosen tiny weeds. They will dry up and die. No need to pick them!

• Final touch: quickly brush the area with your hand to reveal hidden, rooted weeds and remove them. Lift leaves of the garden plants to find hidden weeds. 

• Move on to the next area. 

• Treated this way, gardens stay clean for weeks!


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