Dramatic before and after photos show magical transformations of even the most challenging landscapes. We can turn your home landscape into a welcoming retreat that reflects your own dreams and values.

Here you will see a variety of Minnesota landscapes we have created, from the fine residential landscapes to noted public gardens like the Minneapolis Peace Garden. Artistic garden designs, using exciting hardy plant materials, quality materials and professional installation add attractiveness and lasting value to your home.

Stone Staircase



A New Approach to Home

Bold rocks, evergreens and flowering groundcovers announce the home’s entrance and create an inviting view from the street.






Overgrown shrubs hid the home and only the garage was visible from the street.

Stone Staircase in Boulder Wall

Privacy and Beauty



Small Space - Big Impact

When planted with dozens of small plant gems, the rock garden at eye level will provide interest and a measure of privacy.




Patio lacked the finishing touch of comfortable enclosure.  A foundation was laid for a raised bed




Back Yard Haven

Drifts of tulips make waves of color around a circular island of grass in this Minneapolis back yard.  We organized the tulip collections into groups and interspersed roses, rhododendrons and weeping conifers for year-round color.







Dramatic Entrance

Asian-inspired garden in driveway circle reflects the home’s architecture and is low maintenance and serene.













A Japanese-inspired garden retreat for an artist in South Minneapolis.










Residential Design

An Edina home with new landscaping sweeping around the trees and sidewalk, extending the visual impact of the house.






Overgrown shrubbery dated home in Edina.




Native Minnesota Forest

A Woodland in Blaine is integrated with the back yard by grass paths that lead into carefully constructed woodchip trails that protect native ferns and wildflowers. Flowering trees, shrubs and groundcovers give rich variety with minimum maintenance.





The woodland was closed off from the back yard by a fence, creating a barrier from Nature, and artificially shortening the property.





Formal Residential Landscape

The strong architecture of this Andover, MN home was balanced with yew and boxwood hedges accented with colorful shrubs to give color and form 12 months of the year.











Fridley Library Courtyard

Visible from indoors like a large terrarium, new design brings restful contemplation.




Design Proposal

For sizeable projects, a watercolor perspective drawing helps our clients visualize the completed landscape







Fridley Public Library

Gardens of Rice Creek removed trees that hid the building and added others that brought out the features of the unusual building.












Peaceful Island

Boulders and sculptural trees in a sea of grass create a scenic island in a grass waterway that carries rainfall away from the house, correcting a serious drainage problem.




An abandoned swimming pool and decaying privacy fence dominated the view of the spacious back yard. After removal of the pool liner, concrete and fence, Gardens of Rice Creek filled the hole with clean sand and topsoil, regraded the site and returning it to a natural form.





Limestone Boulder Garden

Massive cliffs frame a spectacular view that visually extends the garden into the distant valley. Steps, ramps, stream and a waterfall expose new delights at every turn.





Placing huge boulders required the largest of equipment, but ensured a true-to-nature final result.




Minneapolis Peace Garden

The Peace (Rock) Garden at Lake Harriet is our largest public landscape creation. Designed, built and planted over a series of years by Gardens of Rice Creek.  Much loved, it is the site of many happy circumstances and events.




Neglected for decades, the site of an old rock garden built in the 1920's was reimagined and reformed into outcroppings, hills and valleys starting 30 years ago by Rice Creek. Here, Betty Ann is guiding rock placement. The Peace Garden at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis is our most visited landscape project.