For half a century, the gardens and nursery have been a mecca for gardeners from far and wide who are on the hunt for rare, hardy plants.  Overlooking the scenic valley of Rice Creek, everything from Cactus to Ladyslippers grow in harmony with their site.  It is a teaching garden, with identifying labels to show visitors what each special plant is, where it likes to grow and how to use it for the best landscaping effects.

The Gardens are on 4 levels, with a waterfall in between.  All the Alpines, Wildflowers, Dwarf Conifers, Rhododendrons, Primroses and other gems are completely hardy, without winter covering.  Bloom times vary like a seasonal calendar. Multiple visits reveal new surprises every time.  Early May brings wildflowers and early rhododendrons.  In mid-May rock garden plants are a carpet of color.  A special treat at the end of May and early June, 2019 will be super-hardy Rhododendrons, many bred at GRC, blossoming for the first time in exotic colors and forms.  Spring ends in mid-June with an explosion of Showy Ladyslippers adrift in a sea of blue forget-me-nots in the swamp garden.  Summer brings quiet beauty and Rhododendrons forming flower buds for next spring.  Fall has textural interest with foliage forms and colors that provide year-round attraction and inspiration for visitors’ gardens.

The Nursery, offering potted selections of these choice plants, is regularly open every Saturday in season, from May to Labor Day, 9 to 4.  At other times, a phone call can secure arrangements for your visit. Bring photos of your garden for complimentary landscape and plant advice.  For over 50 years we have been building nature-based landscapes and look forward to helping you with yours.  We enjoy introducing our “friends” to our friends!



Betty Ann Addison

Gardens of Rice Creek 763 242 5009
1315 66th Ave. N.E.
Minneapolis, (Fridley) MN 55432


Free Tours

Garden Club Tours can be arranged for weekdays; daytime or evenings.  Typically, on arrival, your group will participate in a guided tour of rock gardens, dwarf conifers and the rare plant nursery.  Questions are encouraged.  Growing hints, propagation and landscaping principles are explained. Lunch/supper can be enjoyed in the garden either brought or ordered from our fine local pizzeria.  (We can provide tables and chairs.) After dining, a tour of the rhododendron research gardens has proven fascinating to many.  Rare plants, growing in the ground are much more impressive and inspiring than any illustrated talk, so rarely do I give presentations other than at the nursery.  Betty Ann



Visiting Gardens of Rice Creek Nursery is an adventure.  Wonderful plantings from close-ups to vistas engage and enthrall.  There is always something new to see growing in the landscaped gardens and often, to purchase in the nursery.  Rare and beautiful plants, found nowhere else, prove their hardiness and usefulness here.  Overlooking the peaceful valley of Rice Creek, visitors come from all over to collect Minnesota hardy rhododendrons, rock garden plants, wildflowers, miniature evergreens and more.  Here are some of the highlights.  We would love to introduce you to a new world of beauty!

Opening day is April 27, 2019, hours 9 to 4, every Saturday through Labor Day weekend, no appointment necessary.
Conifer Sale on Opening Day and May 4
Rock Garden Days on May 11 and 19
Ladyslipper Days: June 8 and June 15

Please call for directions: 763 242 5009.



Tiny perennials draw admiration and add a sense of wonder to rock gardens.  Unique forms surprise and delight. 
Tucked between rocks, alpines bring another world, the mountains they originated in, to our lives.   
Price for almost all is $5.

The Nursery holds a multitude of plant gems.
Rock gardens create a home for mountain plants
from all over the world.













Alpine Plants for Trough Gardens

Alpines are tiny perennials that come from high mountains around the world.  They are uniquely suited for miniature gardens of all sorts, but the smallest are delightful in Trough Gardens .

NEW!  Build a Trough Garden any Saturday.  We can supply rock-like troughs, or bring your own.  Miniature evergreens, alpines, soil and special rock are available here.  Average time is 1 hour and average cost is 80 to 100 dollars.  These miniature landscapes can live for many years and stay outside year-around.


Dwarf evergreens complete the impression of a
mountain scene.

Mountain plants are tucked between rocks and pour
over the trough’s edge.



Alpine Plants for Sunny Rock Gardens

Winter hardy Cactus need hot sun.

Rare Gentian from the Swiss Alps loves Minnesota.


Campanula 'Blue Gown' shows striking white eyes on a
trailing plant.

Dianthus 'Pink Penny' hugs a rock.


Saxifraga 'Hi Ace' is a tiny, coral-textured rock lover.

Saxifrage crustata is a trough garden star.






Phlox 'Mc Daniel's Cushion has a large, bright
pink flowers.

Phlox 'Harriet' has true, sugar-pink flowers.
Our own selection.














The most hardy Lavender ‘Cynthia Johnson, is a Rice
Creek introduction

Phlox ‘Brittonii rosea
’ makes a swarm of dainty stars.


Dwarf Delphineum gives fresh color to summer rock

Hardy Geraniums are one of our best
"Weed-excluding Groundcovers"
















Miniature Iris, like I. 'Robin's Egg', thrive in sunny
rock gardens.

Hummingbirds love this real native form of
Cardinal Flower.















Auricula Primroses blooms spring to fall with
fertilizer and water.

Primula 'Wanda' is remarkably long-lived and
hardy and grows in sun or shade
















Schoaf's Double Rue Anemonella Blooms for

Primula ‘Jewel’ makes drifts of sunshine yellow in
sun or shade



















Shady Rock Garden Plants

Tall Candelabra Primroses bloom 6 weeks near water.

Hardy Cyclamen for woodland gardens.














Fairy house in a rock garden facing East, where
woodland plants enjoy morning sun.

Logs define shady garden beds and woodland paths in a
relaxed, informal way.














Heuchera 'Paris' blooms constantly all season

Double Trillium, ’Merle’s Pearls’ is a beautiful rarity
but is easy to grow.














New Heucheras have both colorful leaves and flowers.

Miniature Hosta:  you will find a wide array
of tiny charmers



Want to learn more about Rock Garden plants? The North American Rock Garden Society has an active Minnesota Chapter, with speakers, tours, newsletter and plant sales. Contact for further information.



Amazingly easy to grow in moist woodland gardens, our growing beds are spectacular in mid-June.

 Potted in early spring, blooming size plants are $50.


June 15th, and June 22nd, 2019




Miniature evergreens, for sun or shade, complete small landscapes like rock gardens,
trough gardens and fairy gardens. Most are priced at $15.



Evergreen Rhododendrons are often called the “Queen of Shrubs”.  Many kinds are grown in warmer climates, but Rice Creek has been trialing and hybridizing Rhododendrons for over 40 years and can confidently offer the hardiest in the country for Zone 4 gardens.  April till July, their spectacular floral display will amaze you, while their variety of evergreen foliage is interesting year-around.
We offer young plants that transplant easily and quickly advance to blooming size.  Most are priced at $15.

Rhododendron Days

May 25th and June 1st, 2019

A rhododendron garden in the woods in Linwood,

R. ‘Landmark’ makes an eye-popping focal point in a
large rock garden













R. ‘Besse Howells’ has ruffled red flowers and dense,
low growth

R. ‘White Peter’ has spectacular white flowers with
a purple flare, making it a standout.

















R. ‘Capistrano’ Creamy yellow flowers in a tight
truss and is the only hardy yellow.

R.‘Haaga’ has large trusses of pink flowers, and is
our favorite Finnish rhododendron.


















R. 'Olga Mezitt' has sweet pink flowers, but is very tough!
Highly recommended.

R. 'Henry's Red' grows large and makes a stunning

















New Rice Creek Hybrid Rhododendrons

Limited availability.  See more in the gardens. All are zone 4 hardy.

R. 'Kellie' is one of our hybrids that earns a “Wow!” from

R. ‘Happy Hannah’ has lively lavender -pink
















R. ‘Misty Blush’ is outstanding for hardiness, form and
elegant coloring.

R. ‘Dancing Coral’ has deep pink flowers that always
attract notice















Want to learn more about Rhododendrons?  Contact for the American Rhododendron Society, Midwest Chapter or visit their page @

We welcome you to visit the Gardens of Rice Creek Nursery, a plant collectors’ mecca for 40 years where the selections constantly change as new plants get propagated.
We have a lifetime of information on plant growing to share with you.
We are open every Saturday 9-4 through Labor Day. Call for Saturday hours in Fall. 763 242 5009