Natural Rock Landscapes

Gardens of Rice Creek creates authentic rock gardens and landscapes. Using native rock, integrated with mountain plants, our creations have been said to look as if nature herself made them! Using an array of rock from massive boulders down to crushed gravel and a wide palette of colorful, hardy plants, these landscapes are outstanding examples of garden art.



Bold, rocky cliffs accentuate a change in grade in a natural way that a wall can never do. Dwarf perennials and rock garden plants bring life to the scene and reduce maintenance.









Rock Gardens on a slope put tiny alpine plants on a stage where they can be seen and enjoyed.










Small Spaces

Narrow walkways rush visitors, but even small spaces seem to expand when rare, miniature plants like fine gems beckon us to stop and look.










Rock Gardens Tame Steep Cliffs

Limestone boulders facing east create ideal conditions for growing wildflowers, primroses and rhododendrons, out of the hot, western sun.








Hillside Landscape

Strategically placed basalt boulders hold up the steepest parts of a slope while evergreens and groundcovers knit the soil together with their roots to prevent erosion.









Building a Minnesota Rock Garden, using Native Limestone





Generous space cleared for rock garden—a series of outcroppings.












Large boulders installed: planting, mulching and edging proceeding.









Five cliffs completed, making a landscape feature across the front of the home and wrapping around the side.














Rock Garden Cliffs 3 months after building.  Plants are starting to put on growth.  Next spring they will flower in their new home.  Watch this space for updates!